Become a corporate iron man

Tim Garrett offers some key ways to become a champion in the workplace.

Anybody who takes their job seriously will want to maximise their performance as much as they possibly can.

If this is you, why not treat yourself as a corporate iron man or woman and optimise your work performance through health, diet and lifestyle?

To truly perform at your best, you need to be totally ruthless about your diet and lifestyle. The demands placed on the high-performing executive are large: long days, lots of pressure and seemingly endless communication. In order to cope with this pressure, you need to take care of your body.

The best business people I know – the ones that get the most out of work and life – are the ones that carve time out to exercise, are conscious of their diet and focus on certain key lifestyle practices.

Here are some steps you can take to be a champion in the workplace.

  1. Eat regularly. The maximum gap you should have between every meal is four hours; though two and a half to three hours is ideal. This ensures you control the stress hormone production caused by intermittent fasting.
  2. Drink enough orange juice. The sugar from fructose is controlled by the high  potassium in orange juice and the easily usable sugars can help you handle the stress of a busy life and manufacture protective and healthy hormones.
  3. Move. People who sit for too long can experience problems stimulating their internal organs. The ‘piso’ energy generated by movement is one of the key drivers  for your internal organs like your liver.
  4. Get an ergonomic assessment. Sitting badly can cause a nervous system imbalance,  a faulty breathing pattern and compromised digestion.
  5. Eat enough protein. Without the equivalent amount of meat that is in two and a half chicken breasts a day, your body will be degenerating and start eating into itself for survival. Do not substitute meat for other proteins as they are inadequate. I prefer the fat and protein from beef and lamb, gelatin, milk, cheese and eggs.
  6. Get to bed by 11pm at the latest and look into thyroid health if you have trouble sleeping. Everyone knows how critical this is. It is one of the best ways you can stay productive and not die a little every day which is essentially what is happening when your body is too stressed by not sleeping well enough or at the right times.
  7. If you are suffering from general health symptoms or fatigue, perform a ‘temperature/pulse test’ to determine if you have an underlying low thyroid issue. It  is surprising how many symptoms are directly linked to low thyroid function/ altered metabolism and how many degenerative health imbalances can be fixed by  addressing it. The thyroid regulates blood flow and therefore body temperature.
    If it is unhealthy, the thyroid will only be able to supply enough blood to the essential internal organs like the brain and lungs.
  8. Brainstorm to reduce your stress. Is there an injury or bad posture that needs fixing? Are there unresolved mental and emotional issues that you need to tackle head on? Is there a sleep problem? Is your diet a mess? Are you not exercising enough? Is your  energy being sapped by someone around you? Solving problems like these can lead to an incredible increase in energy and productivity.

With these action points in place, you can go forth and conquer as corporate iron men and women.

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