What You Need To Know About Corporate Wellness Programs

It is quite apparent that a new trend is sweeping across the companies in the Middle East. A lot of companies in Dubai and Abu Dhabi are now implementing some form of corporate wellness programs into their offices and more are joining in the bandwagon.

As a result, various types of wellness programs have also cropped up to accommodate the increasing demand. And while more and more companies are now realizing the benefits of corporate wellness programs, there are still some that doubt it because of misconceptions.

A common misconception about corporate wellness programs is that they are complicated and difficult to manage. This is not necessarily true. In fact, the majority of the companies in the Dubai do not have particular positions dedicated only to managing wellness programs. This is because these programs are surprisingly easy to handle and can be managed by a single committee. Most of the time, employers designate the supervision of corporate wellness programs to HR.

Another fallacy when it comes to employee fitness programs is the belief that more expensive programs are automatically better. The amount of money with which a company spends on its employee fitness programs is not the sole determining factor if it is effective or not. As a matter of fact, there is no one definition of a good wellness program. Companies have varied work cultures and very specific needs, therefore there is no such thing as a one-size-fits-all type of wellness program.

While there are some companies which provide only the basics (health risk assessments, regular consultations, etc.), there are also some that really go all-in, complete with complex reward systems and quirky health incentives to encourage their employees to adopt a healthier lifestyle.

Some companies may prefer wellness programs focused on preventive services, like biometric screenings. Others may choose to work on physical activities. There are also some companies that concentrate on specific issues, like smoking or alcoholism in the workplace. All of these programs can be effective, as long as it is what the company and its employees need.

Another worry of some workers is that only the already-healthy people can benefit from employee fitness programs. In reality, corporate wellness programs are designed to be inclusive. This does not only limit to being physically fit. Many wellness programs now also incorporate things like emotional and mental wellbeing, and even financial health.

Whether complex or simple, large-scale or small, expensive or low-cost, an effective corporate wellness program should always aim to create a healthier and more productive workplace environment.

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