Our sole reason for being is to “Help Transform Lives Through Health and Fitness”, that’s our overriding focus, we then thoroughly asses the real reasons why a company wants to work with us to create a wellness program for their team. We look into areas like the company’s direction, goals and challenges. We also look into average days off sick per employee, staff attrition rates, their benefits and medical insurance provisions, absence management policies and the company’s on-boarding processes among other areas. This gives us a great idea which initiatives will be of the greatest benefit and gives us a real understanding of our Client’s needs. We are then in a position to custom design a great program that massively helps not only the team members but also the company achieve its goals and strategic mission.

We then bring our potential Clients on a journey of discovery and delve into case studies to see the amazing difference a wellness program will make. We then make the intangible concrete by showing our potential Client very realistic and believable cost saving calculations. These include reduced attrition calculations, recued absence metrics and reduced presenteeism metrics that demonstrate what a brilliant financial proposition a comprehensive wellness program is.

Yearlong Wellness Programs

We love companies that are truly dedicated to their team and know the value of wellness and its proven returns on capital. We are the providers and consultants for yearlong wellness programs for the leading establishments In the UAE. How it works – We devise initial benchmarking based on your budget and goals.

It could vary from a simple online questionnaire to rate their state of health to a full batch of tools including a HRA (Health Risk Assessment) that checks for up to 49 blood tests to determine if your valuable team members have any health risk factors such as diabetes, high cholesterol or thyroid problems. The HRA would ideally be completed along with the online health questionnaire and biometric screening which compromises of checks for height, body fat, weight, waist measurement and BMI. These tests will be repeated at the end of the program to benchmark the fantastic, life changing results your team have achieved. Of course we offer comprehensive reporting and feedback as part of our package. Then there will be a calendar of event and initiatives throughout the year, some of the popular options include:

  • Ergonomics workshops
  • Holistic ergonomics assessments
  • The Last 4 Doctors ‘True Health’ workshop series
  • Team challenges: mental, physical and spiritual
  • Teambuilding activities
  • EAP (Employee Assistance Programs)
  • Fitness classes
  • The last 4 Doctors health coaching
  • Incentive program management consultation
  • Stretch and Learn classes
  • Tracking lifestyle, diet and exercise choices through one of the best apps on the market

This is to name a few, we often run bespoke programs based on a company’s individual goals, challenges and culture. Needless to say, they make a huge difference, check our testimonials here: http://corporatewellnessdubai.com/ourtestimonials/

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Holistic Ergonomics Training

Its important to consider that the average person spends 10.4 years at work over their lifetime! Then the principles of workstation ergonomics becomes more important.

Dr Posture workshops

These are interactive, fun and foster a great team spirit. We spend the first part of the workshop covering what good posture Is both standing and seated, how to set up your chair at your workstation and the very serious cascade of negative side effects that can happen when you sit badly. You’d be surprised at the consequences of poor ergonomics, they include:

  • – An altered metabolism making body fat loss harder
  • – An over activated sympathetic nervous system resulting in a fight or flight response
  • – Decreased decompression of the L4/L5 spinal vertebrae increasing the chance of a serious lower back problem

There are 8 assessments for each participant that are designed to find the solution to any back or neck pain or poor posture they are experiencing. Corporate Wellness Co’ founder, Tim Garrett has developed these assessments from my extensive study and 17 years of experience in the health and fitness industry. Each participant gets a post workshop information booklet which gives them detailed guidelines on the exercises that hep to fix their problem areas, identified during the assessments. – Individual Holistic Ergonomics Assessments These are much more than a ‘normal’ ergonomics assessment, they are our unique but super effective ‘Holistic’ ergonomics assessments. They are different because they really get to the root cause of the poor posture and ergonomic set up of each individual. All the classical assessments are completed including desk height, monitor height, monitor distance from the individual, screen size, temperature, lighting/glare, mouse and keyboard etc. Our difference is we aim to identify if someone’s health is preventing them from sitting correctly, for example, someone may have a poor diet which is results in fatigue and poor posture. We give them advice to fix this and the results can be drastic, not only in quality of life but also in productivity and concentration. Each assessment is 30 minutes long and contains over 75 assessments. Every participant is given an individual report which includes among other things the changes we made during the assessment, the recommended future changes they need to install as habits and a Dr Posture diagram to remind them of correct ergonomic set up and a Dr Posture habit checklist to use to make sitting correctly a habit.

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The Last 4 Doctors Workshop Series

This is a series of world class seminars and workshops designed to give each participant the tools and strategies they need to transform their own lives if they were previously unfit and unhealthy.

The interesting thing about our workshops is that they are combined with an engaging, interactive and eye opening experience in the form of a class that relates to that health area, please read on for more information. I really need to highlight how our workshops are not like the ‘normal’ workshops and the information we share with our Clients is truly world class and really does help to deliver amazing, life transforming results. I really need to highlight how our workshops are not like the ‘normal’ workshops and the information we share with our Clients is truly world class and really does help to deliver amazing, life transforming results.

The Dr Diet Workshop

In this one and a half hour workshop I would cover the following topics:

  • My two simple rules for eating healthy food that will help you boost your energy levels and enable you to stay healthy/recover from disease.
  • How to apply the 80/20 rule to your daily routine so you can experience great health and energy: If 80% of the time you treat your body-temple well, 20% of the time it can handle some abuse.
  • Why diet is so crucial for achieving amazing health, abundant energy and a brilliant quality of life.
  • Why a good diet is vital for not developing degenerative disease and cancer.
  • How to use our diet system to create a great quality of life and avoid the most common diseases that are prevalent today.
  • How to appreciate blood sugar levels and their effect on your mood, concentration and energy levels.
  • Learn how important good quality fats are in hormone production and ultimately health.
  • Learn the basics of why easily usable, healthy sugars are the basis for great health and handling stress.
  • Explore how eating regular meals can be your number one safeguard against stress.

Workshop Section

  • A cooking demonstration from a top chef of a super tasty, quick and convenient Palaeolithic meal that adheres to all of the rules of our diet system which is given out to all the participants. Everyone gets to taste the meal as well to see how wonderful and simple cooking healthy food can be.

Dr Quiet Workshop

In this one and a half hour workshop I cover:

  • Why getting good quality sleep at the right time is one of the most important protective safeguards against disease and poor health.
  • Why having enough quality rest is vital for your health and happiness.
  • Why a bedtime routine is key for restful and restorative sleep.
  • What to do to create energy in the body apart from sleeping, these are also strategies for balancing the nervous system to allow your body to get stronger and not break-down/create dis-e These are often things that can be done easily at the desk, in the car or at home; basically anywhere.
  • The science behind why poor quality sleep can trigger health imbalances such as high blood pressure, food cravings, weight gain, imbalanced blood sugar levels, concentration issues and low productivity.

Workshop Section

  • The participants would be guided through a yoga class from one of Dubai’s best instructors. There is the choice of having male and female only classes.
  • These classes would give the participants a look into the world of yoga so they can see the wonderfully calming and balancing effect of this old age tradition. They would be guided and encouraged through a set of yoga postures designed to balance the body physically, emotionally and spiritually.
  • There would be a small part of the class that is centred on mediation which is a great way to bring about long-lasting change in the mind, body and to balance the nervous system.

Dr Happiness Workshop

In this one hour and a half hour workshop I cover:

  • Why living your life according to your values is vital for living a life of enjoyment and fulfilment.
  • How to identify those values (your values tree)
  • Some simple ways that people go wrong in terms of value alignment.
  • Congruency and its implications.
  • Why having a reasonable work-life balance actually helps you be more productive and a more valuable team member.
  • How to identify if you are living an unbalanced life, what to look out for.

Workshop Section

  • A cognitive NLP class (Neuro Linguistic Programming) for all participants. NLP is a great way to run your mind more effectively to help you achieve your goals and deal with stress, a perfect way to help your valued team members be healthier and happier people. More information can be found here. http://mindbridgetraining.com/

Dr Movement Workshop

In this two and a half hour workshop I cover:
Hour one, Dr Exercise:

  • Why appreciating working-in (energy creating activities) is a really important and often overlooked component of health.
  • Effective strategies for working-out. The best exercise recommendations that team members can use that day to improve many areas of their lives.
  • How to avoid the common injuries most people encounter and what to do to recover from them if you are currently struggling with a common injury.
  • The importance of stretching and its application.

Hour Two, Dr Posture:
I coach the team the key elements of good posture and how poor posture can cause a cascade of very serious negative effects throughout the body.
The assessments that I cover during the workshop are:

  • Assessment for spinal flexibility (essential for maintaining great posture while working).
  • Muscular strength testing for the key muscles involved in ideal sitting posture.
  • Assessment of the flexibility of the key muscles that are involved in healthy desk/work posture. (Tight muscles can literally stop people sitting with good posture).
  • Awareness assessment, does your team know what good desk posture looks like?

I would demonstrate during the workshop how poor posture can cause:

  • An over activated sympathetic nervous system (the fight or flight/stressed part of the nervous system) and how that affects an individual’s ability to deal with stress and recover from the daily stressors of work and life.
  • Neck pain and lower back pain and how this decreases productivity at work and at home.
  • Migraines and headaches.
  • Down regulated ability to clear toxins, fungus and parasites from the body.
  • Decreased peristalsis (the pumping of the digestive system) leading to digestive issues such as gas, constipation and acid reflux/heart burn and why optimal digestion is such a key component of good health.
  • Decreased oxygen consumption leading to decreased concentration, productivity, creativity and ability to deal with stress.
  • Decreased metabolism leading to problems losing weight or causing your team to gain fat easily.

Workshop Section

  • Everyone ( can be split into male and female classes if necessary) would be taken through a thirty minute boot camp class that can raise the metabolism for up to 72 hours and burn up to 700 calories per hour!
  • It will be fun and safe for every level because adaptations of the harder exercises can be given to the less fit members of the class.

All seminars/workshop attendees will receive a booklet after the event that highlights the key points so they can use that for future reference and to help them install the coaching points as habits.

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One to Two Hour Lunch & Learn Workshops

These are a combination of my most popular workshops: Dr Diet and Dr Posture, for more information on these see above. Don’t think it’s a boring 1 or 2 hours
we get your team up, moving and doing physical challenges with a good dose of team spirit thrown in.

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The Last 4 Doctors Health Coaching

Each participant has a one to one health coaching session which last for forty five minutes and has the following wonderful benefits:
Health coaching is something that is necessary to get true results but unheard of in the UAE. Health coaching is something that is necessary to get true results but unheard of in the UAE. Each participant gets to meet one of our wellness providers and therefore develops a deep bond of trust and rapport with that wellness provider. Studies of developing successful habits show that a team which can be two or more people is a key component of forming long-lasting habits and therefore it will give each participant a much greater chance of success. The member of my team can also be their accountability partner if it is agreed upon during the consultation.Our trainers have worked hard for years on their interpersonal skills and ability to gain the trust of their valued Clients, this will be instrumental when we work with the Excellence Council team. To ask specific questions about the wellness program. People will often have concerns or queries about some parts of the wellness program and this is their opportunity to get those questions answered. To go over the results of their HRA and Biometric Screening and what that means in terms of their current state of health. This is vital because it’s here that we persuade the team of the importance of key lifestyle changes and what that could mean both in terms of the quality of their daily life and their level of happiness and health in the future. To learn the key improvements we recommend to help them achieve their individual health and fitness goals. What we do during this consultation that we feel is critical is to link in a very meaningful and real way the changes we recommend to their dreams and goals, that way we can tie the health advice we give them into the things that inspire and motivate them therefore increasing their chances of success on the wellness program massively. Of course, it’s also the best time for us to explain our recommendations, the interesting science behind them and the amazing benefits they will see and feel. Our company has developed a fantastic consultation system that is based on the founder: Tim Garrett’s seventeen years in the health and fitness industry that is used to find imbalances in each team member’s foundational health systems. The foundational health systems are: – Diet – Sleep – Breathing – Hydration – Movement – Digestion It’s vital to find imbalances in these areas as they can stop an individual achieving optimal health and will contribute massively toward disease and degeneration. They literally are the building blocks of health and need fixing if they are too out of balance. To deliver this to your team in a meaningful way that is easily conceptualised I use the ‘Last 4 Doctors’ principle. The Last 4 Doctors are: – Dr Diet (advanced but highly applicable diet strategies) – Dr Quiet (good quality rest and sleep) – Dr Happiness (living life according to ones values, doing things you enjoy) – Dr Movement (balancing working-out with working-in) These Doctors can be used to help any individual make significant improvements with any health condition or symptom; they can basically be used to transform people’s lives, if they receive the coaching from the best wellness providers.

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Stretch and Learn Sessions

These are a 20 minute stretch class for up to 30 participants and then a 5 minute seminar/group coaching session on a chosen health topic.
This is a perfect opportunity to deliver a quick but highly effective stretch session that relieves muscle tension and activates the parasympathetic part of the autonomic nervous system. This part of the nervous system is the repair, relax and digest part of the nervous system that is often under activated due to the high stress levels of the typical employee.
Each participant is guided through a stretch routine and coached on why it’s so effective. These sessions also have the ability to help each team member be significantly more productive and a better communicator and improve their energy levels due to better blood flow throughout the body.
We would also incorporate our Dr Posture training into these sessions by conducting assessments and the corresponding exercises that are used to fix those posture problems. These range from strength, flexibility, spinal flexibility and balance exercises. As stated above these can make a radical difference in people’s lives and prevent them from experiencing a life of physical pain and tension. This would be a perfect way to install the things we taught your team during the Dr Posture workshops so that it becomes a habit and makes a long lasting difference in their lives and the people around them.

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Executive Coaching

This is where we coach people, either through one to one coaching or through group seminars on the importance of sleep, stress management and nutrition as a strategy for increased performance and stress resiliency.
The information we present is not your normal boring health advice that everyone’s heard before, its advance but highly applicable and myth busting.
If you feel your executives could perform better and enjoy a better quality of life then get in touch for more details on this unique program.

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We offer activity based team building events to inspire and develop your team.
The activities we do are not boot camps but they do involve pushing your team mentally and physically.
All events are run by fun and inspiring coaches.
Our USP is our advanced holistic health coaching that runs all the way though our programs, our teambuilding is no exception. We tend to add key elements from our health, wealth, spirituality and mental resiliency into our teambuilding for maximum effect.
It’s really best you get in touch directly so we can give you more detail on these fantastic events.

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