How to make a corporate wellness program effective and impactful

With corporate wellness programs in the UAE workplace becoming a major craze at the moment, with employers of all sizes being affected let’s look at what your company could do to benefit from the amazing changes a well devised corporate wellness program in Dubai.
1.So much to do, fitting it all in.

With the daily stresses and strains of life, with kids to feed, the cooking to do and the daily chores at home to finish making time for exercise or lifestyle improvement can be tough for the normal team member. That is why companies in Abu Dhabi, Dubai and the whole of the UAE can make a big impact if they create a workplace that has easy access to learning opportunities related to lifestyle improvement, this can be made possible through onsite workshops with wellness consultants within work time. Also if it’s possible to provide onsite exercise areas which could be as simple as a large office space with some basic equipment, it’s not necessary for your CSR budget on lots of treadmills you can equip a great gym for five to ten thousand aed with the right consultant on board to guide you. If on-site exercise space is not available then incentives such as longer lunch breaks or flexible working hours for employees who exercise regularly can be a great way to encourage your team to integrate exercise and healthy lifestyle practices into their daily lives.

2.Innovate your office
You don’t have to give your team the equivalent of 10 days off a year to go to the gym, although we recommend you do as the capital investment is paid for many times over. It’s relatively easy to redesign your office space to accommodate movement and exercise while they work. Why don’t you try getting your staff to use the correct size exercise ball will mean their nervous system is constantly activated and their muscles don’t shut down after 8 minutes like they do in a chair, they will burn a lot more calories & their incidence of lower back pain will be greatly reduced which will mean your insurance premiums will be lower. Or how about investing in one of the newest inventions designed to get your employees active and productive at the same time; treadmill desks so they can walk and type or desks that elevate so they can stand while they work.

3.Focus on the 6 foundational health principles
These are the building blocks to health and the basics that need to be checked and improved if there is any major in-balance.
In my 18 years I haven’t seen any condition that can’t be significantly improved by fixing in-balances in the 6 foundational health systems. If you are not healthy enough for whatever reason the key thing to do is to figure out where your stressors are and reduce them.
The six building blocks are: your thinking, sleep & rest, dietary factors, healthy, abdominal breathing, movement and digestion.
These might sound simple but believe me the science behind these areas is fascinating.
Making simple improvements such as these; getting to bed by 22:30 or 23:00 at the latest, sleeping well, abdominal breathing most of the time, handling daily stress well, getting great quality rest and enough of it to balance your stressors and doing the right type of movement for you will make such a huge impact if they are out of balance in the first place that your performance at work and in life will skyrocket.

4.Use technology to leverage your wellness program in the UAE.
Some easy and appealing things you can do is to provide a fit bit to all employees with a prize offered to the person who takes the most steps each month and for example the new people who start each month.
Only provide the fit-bit device to each team member on the condition that they join the companies fit bit social network, they can see how they are doing compared to the group and foster some more team spirit.
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