Why Do Our Fit Bit Challenges Rock!

We support you with a comprehensive Fit Bit package, we don’t just supply you with discounted Fit Bits, although that’s part of it, and we offer a support package that makes the technology of the Fit Bit and its supplementary corporate wellness software the real deal.

We are the leading Fit Bit Corporate Wellness Provider in Dubai, Abu Dhabi, Saudi Arabia, Qatar, Oman and Kuwait. We transform lives all over the UAE and Middle East.

Let’s face it, is a Fit Bit enough for real behavior change, is it enough to educate and inspire people, it can go a long way but coupled with seminars, workshops and a personal coach to support your team, your wellness program will be off to an amazing start and continue for a long time therefore really making a dent in your teams lives and helping them transform the quality of their life.

” Researchers studied employees for two years and found that those who took part in Fit-bit’s corporate wellness program had on average $1,300, nearly 25%, less in annual healthcare costs. “


Is a Fit Bit enough for real behaviour change? Is it enough to educate and inspire people?

We offer weekly emails that are customsied to your team’s culture and goals, bespoke challenges, all tracked through the Fit Bit and the desktop corporate wellness software.

We offer everything from fitness classes to organic food delivery for your canteen. Remember we are the only comprehensive wellness provider in the whole of the Middle East.

We advise your team on what to eat and how to train ultra effectively to achieve the goals they have set themselves. If they choose to do so, we can see what they have been eating, how they have been sleeping and what activity they have been doing, it’s this information we use to help guide them to live a super healthy life.

  • Super Accessible
  • Savvy Technology
  • Super Easy to Use
  • A constant Reminder to Stay Healthy and Move
  • Great Corporate Wellness Software to Track Results and Chart Progress

Fit Bit Corporate Wellness Challenges Supported and Enhanced By Corporate Wellness Co, What More Do You Need?