• Keeping employees healthy is one of the most important – and frequently neglected – ingredients to a successful company. Healthy employees are productive employees, and with high productivity comes higher profitability.
    Yet, despite increasing evidence of the benefits of corporate wellness programs and growing numbers of companies in Dubai and Abu Dhabi adopting these programs, there are still employers who do not know how to foster a healthy workplace, while there are also some who think that they are “too small” to avail or are afraid of the costs.
    But contrary to these beliefs, your company does not have to

  • It is quite apparent that a new trend is sweeping across the companies in the Middle East. A lot of companies in Dubai and Abu Dhabi are now implementing some form of corporate wellness programs into their offices and more are joining in the bandwagon.
    As a result, various types of wellness programs have also cropped up to accommodate the increasing demand. And while more and more companies are now realizing the benefits of corporate wellness programs, there are still some that doubt it because of misconceptions.
    A common misconception about corporate wellness programs is that they are complicated and

  • A few years ago, when corporate wellness programs were still unheard of, most companies in the Middle East would only offer the occasional aerobic exercises to their employees or gym memberships for the executives. However, these measures have already been proven to be ineffective and usually end up as a waste of time and money as these do not really make an impact on their employees.
    Short-term health promotion campaigns, such as the occasional aerobic exercises, and exclusive-only engagements, like the gym membership for executives, are doomed to failure because they do not reflect genuine corporate wellness.
    Corporate wellness should

  • Companies in Dubai, Abu Dhabi, and the Middle East are now starting to appreciate the benefits of corporate wellness programs. While there are still some who rely strictly on return-of-investment values to determine whether their company needs a wellness program or not, it is good to know that a lot of businesses are realizing the importance of their employees’ health and wellbeing.
    However, corporate wellness does not just stop at enrolling a fitness program. The most crucial part is in its implementation. No matter how well-designed an employee fitness program may be, it would still be worthless if it is

  • Tim Garrett offers some tips to reduce the effects of poor posture at work.
    Have you ever wondered if sitting for hours a day is natural, let alone any good for you?
    The simple fact of nature is that human beings are not designed to sit down for very long  periods. Do you think a caveman or woman would be sitting for three hours at a time  staring at an object and doing over 100,000 finger movements? I think not.
    This is why you need an ergonomics strategy – one that will counterbalance sitting disease and enable you to lead

  • Tim Garrett takes us inside the psychology of goal achievement.
    Like most people, chances are you have had a picture in your mind about who you are and want to be.
    You see yourself with the perfect body, with boundless energy, feeling great about yourself and looking even better. But like the majority of people you will stop before you achieve  your goal.
    Believe it or not it’s easier than you might think to achieve where you want to be and really  transform your life.
    First let’s set the foundation for great health. You need to ensure you  are excited

  • Tim Garrett highlights some of the most common health mistakes employees are making  in the office.
    There are certain things that many people can get confused about when it comes to health  principles.
    They might be easy mistakes to make, especially during a busy working day, but they could also be having a huge impact on your quality of life.
    Here are a few common mistakes and how you can change the situation.
    Mistaking junk food for real food
    Even diet-conscious or healthy eaters are guilty of this common mistake. Despite been seen as good for you, foods like quinoa,

  • Tim Garrett explains how to stay fit in the quintessential office job.
    Staying fit when you are sitting down for eight or more hours a day is tough. It requires a great strategy implemented with passion and persistence.
    In a later article I am going to delve more deeply into the psychology of goal achievement  when it comes to health and fitness, it is the critical area where most people sabotage  themselves so it pays to get it right. But for now, here are my insider tips to staying fit while  in the office.
    Thinking points

    Set a goal,

  • Tim Garrett offers some key ways to become a champion in the workplace.
    Anybody who takes their job seriously will want to maximise their performance as much as they possibly can.
    If this is you, why not treat yourself as a corporate iron man or woman and optimise your work performance through health, diet and lifestyle?
    To truly perform at your best, you need to be totally ruthless about your diet and lifestyle. The demands placed on the high-performing executive are large: long days, lots of pressure and seemingly endless communication. In order to cope with this pressure, you need

  • Tim Garrett reveals how some simple lifestyle changes can improve business productivity
    For business leaders across the region, it is the golden question: how can you improve your team’s wellness so they can enjoy a greater quality of life, and, as a result, help their business performance?
    There are numerous ways to do this. On their own they will help your team improve their health and wellness, but together they can have a major impact.
    Get to sleep on time
    Did you know that each hour of sleep before midnight is worth two after 12am? It is something worth remembering

  • Tim Garrett suggests two simple ways to help your team become more positive and focussed.
    Many companies have a pantry for their team and it is often filled with junk that causes a blood sugar rollercoaster, fatigue and an ill temper for your number one asset – your team members.
    A typical pantry is filled with food that is not really food. You see many things that take  more away from the body than they give; offering only notorious vitamins, minerals and  macronutrients (carbs, fat and protein). These are called displacement foods; those that  are low in nutrition that take

  • Tim Garrett explains why he believes the food you eat could be key to regulating your stress levels at work
    Stress accounts for billions of dollars worth of lost productivity for companies across the Gulf Cooperation Council.
    I am going to explain why stress can be so damaging, the scientific impact it has on the body and – critically – what you can do to beat it.
    I have spent many years studying breathing, sleep, digestion, movement, stress and nutrition – classically known as the holistic health systems. While they are all important, nutrition is so critical that I now

  • A corporate wellness program can be a well intentioned shot in the dark or a strategically designed program that is implemented with passion and persistence and turns out to a be a big success.
    There are many key initiatives that can be implemented within a corporate wellness program but the one I want to highlight today has to be, in my opinion the most vital;
    The incentive plan.
    Managements first thought when it comes to an incentive plan will often be cost.
    What we at Corporate wellness Co then try to highlight is the huge associated costs of not implementing

  • The typical HRA involves taking a persons BMI (Body Mass Index), their cholesterol, blood pressure and blood glucose, while these are all valid tests they fall within the world of medical indoctrination.
    I want to highlight that I am not against HRA’s as I think it can identify very real dangers in terms of someone’s health.
    However, let’s consider cholesterol to highlight some of the limitations of a typical HRA.
    The guidelines for healthy total blood lipids commonly known as total blood cholesterol levels have been gradually decreasing since the 1940’s when the drug companies boosted by their massive potential

  • Workstation ergonomics is a great way to help your team members avoid pain when implemented correctly, however I have found that it leaves out at least two thirds of the total solution that is necessary for productive and pain free employees.
    In this article I’m going to dive into the details of correct workstation set up so that the one third is covered and taken care of then I’m going to show you in detail how the second third; posture and its key components is key and why the third element; lifestyle and awareness is also vital to get

  • Corporate wellness programs have become extremely popular among employers looking to reduce their health care costs among their workforce. In the US, corporate wellness has become a $6 billion dollar industry, and over 90% of businesses with 200 or more employees have some kind of wellness initiative in place. In the UAE, awareness of the benefits of increased fitness is growing among residents as well as companies who are appreciating that investing in the health and wellness of their employees can boost their bottom line by saving them money in health care costs. In addition, corporate wellness programs can improve

  • With corporate wellness programs in the UAE workplace becoming a major craze at the moment, with employers of all sizes being affected let’s look at what your company could do to benefit from the amazing changes a well devised corporate wellness program in Dubai.
    1.So much to do, fitting it all in.
    With the daily stresses and strains of life, with kids to feed, the cooking to do and the daily chores at home to finish making time for exercise or lifestyle improvement can be tough for the normal team member. That is why companies in Abu Dhabi, Dubai and

  • It is a sad fact that most corporate wellness programs fail to meet their goals for a variety of reasons. However, many others do succeed and they have lessons to offer that can greatly help improve your corporate wellness program’s chances of success.
    Don’t attach monetary rewards or penalties to fitness goals. One of the biggest reasons why corporate wellness programs fail is their insistence on taking a “carrot or stick” approach, in which employees who achieve health goals are given financial rewards, while those who don’t are penalized. The main problem with this approach is that it destroys team

  • Let’s start with a Harvard Business Review that was conducted in 2008 by the esteemed professor Leonard L Barry.Let’s start with the big hitting facts and move on to see if these translated into real cost savings for real companies.
    Johnson and Johnson by initiating its corporate wellness program reduced the amount of staff that smoke by two thirds, yes you read that correctly, two thirds! They have estimated that the savings have added up to 250 million dollars, in total the program cost them 97 million dollars, that’s a net return on their investment of 2.71 times.


  • With corporate wellness programs in the UAE workplace becoming a major craze at the moment, with employers of all sizes being affected let’s look at what your company could do to benefit from the amazing changes a well devised corporate wellness program in Dubai.
    1.So much to do, fitting it all in.
    With the daily stresses and strains of life, with kids to feed, the cooking to do and the daily chores at home to finish making time for exercise or lifestyle improvement can be tough for the normal team member. That is why companies in Abu Dhabi, Dubai and